Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Throwback Links

Get it? A picture of links. My husband's love of dad
jokes is rubbing off on me.
I've been thinking that once I finish with the daily blowing, I'll come up with a regular posting schedule. I've also been thinking that I'll take a (web)page from Adrienne Martini's (blog) book and make one weekly post a bunch of links.

Judging by the dates on these links below, I had the same idea in March 2013 and never actually did it. 

Riveting story, and I don't want you to miss the last section - an adult who was attacked as a child said that no amount of parental warnings would've saved him because he knew his attacker. This is only one case, but our culture of parental paranoia isn't enough to keep our kids safe, so maybe we should chill the fuck out a little.

All about male entitlement on public transportation. This Tumblr from 2013/2014 helped lead to the law against manspreading on the NYC subway system. A couple of guys have been arrested over it, which is excessive. And possibly didn't happen (details are sketchy, and the alleged guys allegedly had other outstanding warrants). Those arrests led to some (female) activists on Twitter protesting the law as just another way to target men of color. Which, no. Women of color hate manspreading too. The cops may enforce it differently depending on a guy's race, but the same goes for every other law. So, don't hate the game, hate the player.

Great story about a visit to Ireland

Commentary on the songs from Annie, the 1982 movie. I used to sing along to the soundtrack cassette with a friend. Just like every other girl our age at the time.

Explaining rape culture

I promise that if I make this a regular feature, the links will be much more current.

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