Monday, September 21, 2015

The Great Escape

Our TiVo is freaking out because the new Fall TV season is coming and HA decided to record a Lost in Space marathon. So we spent the weekend resisting the siren call of Netflix and watched movies that we've recorded to make more room so the TiVo will calm down. Of course, that was pretty unnecessary since there are 2 weeks of shows in the Recently Deleted Folder, but the TiVo is more high strung than I am.

We started watching THX-1138, the cerebral, and let's face it - boring - movie made by George Lucas. One the stars is Donald Pleasence, so during the credits, I turned to HA and said, "oh, he's the one who'll make you a passport out of tin and jam." 

Which he did not get at all.

So, here. Let's all watch the Eddie Izzard bit I was referencing. Because it's a good 'un. And because I'm really tired after actually leaving the house every day for a week and can't possibly think of anything better to write about.

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