Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Links

Here, read some stuff that I read.

Does Borat hold up on rewatch? Apparently, it does.

T'was ballpoint pens that killed cursive, not computers. 

If Stephen Colbert Were Your Dad

Stop doing stupid shit on Facebook in the name of raising cancer awareness. we're all aware of cancer. And posting nonsense on Facebook does nothing to help people with cancer. No, starting a conversation about cancer when someone bitches at you for participating in a stupid Facebook game does not help anyone with cancer. And since these idiotic games include making people post pregnancy announcements, it's pretty fucking insulting to infertile people. No, you're not just anything. You're being an ass.

Ahem. And, as I mentioned on FB the other day, posting pictures of pink ribbons doesn't help either. It can even be hurtful to all the cancer patients, survivors and loved ones you know who just want to stop being aware of cancer for a few minutes.

The cutest ghost story ever

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