Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Links

Things yelled at the TV while watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'd add:

  • Just do it already!
  • I think they've been doing it for about 3 episodes or at least dating, and they're just messing with the audience at this point.
  • Stop making me want to write smutty fan fiction! 
  • I really wish they'd just show the two leads kiss already because I can't stop picturing them doing it and since actors are real people and not my puppets I feel like I'm crossing a line here.

I love the Great British Baking Show. It's everything American reality shows are not. The contestants are amateur bakers who are not looking to go pro. The competition is only on the weekend, so no one has to quit their job to compete. They do have to spend the week preparing for the coming weekend and baking in every free moment they have. so, it's only a little life ruining.

Saturday and Sunday morning, they make a specific type of baked good. They're told in advance what the judges want, they develop and practice a recipe during the week and then  they make the thing. Saturday afternoon brings the technical challenge, which can be pretty harrowing. The bakers are given a deliberately vague recipe for something obscure and difficult, created by one of the judges. Sometimes, these expert bakers (the sorts of people who would make crackers from scratch for a dinner party) have no idea what the thing is even supposed to look like.

This is a very long way of saying that a Buzzfeed writer made a season's worth of technical challenges and failed spectacularly.

When I was 12, I went to London and saw an exhibit similar to this new one. Plaster casts of people killed in Pompeii - just whoa.

In honor of the day, here's my Columbus Day post from a few years back. 

Apparently, part of Brooklyn's reputation is day drinking. Which, huh? Who the hell are these people? I mean, probably unemployed trust fund hipsters, aka trustafarians. But who is basing Brooklyn's reputation on the behavior of dilettante newbies? Probably test fund hipsters with low paying media jobs.

Anyhoodle, a bunch of Nouveau Brooklynites were out drinking when they had the idea to create the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. The group tries to contact ghosts, but not until after they've had a few drinks. They call themselves Boo-zers. Things got so silly that even the people in attendance were getting annoyed. And a ghost may have actually asked them to leave. Which sounds about right.

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